value-added partner

Blue Point focuses on opportunities where we can leverage our collective experience and extensive toolkit. The unique and effective operating resources we bring to our partnerships include:

Unique Asian Capabilities

Creating Value through Cross-Border Strategies

In 2004, Blue Point identified the opportunity to create value for U.S. middle market companies by enabling execution of Asian-related strategies and therefore established an office in Shanghai. Today, we remain one of only a few U.S. lower middle-market private equity firms with an Asian presence. The office is a core element of our operational capabilities — our Asia-based professionals work with our portfolio company management teams to globalize revenue streams and drive margin enhancement initiatives.

Large multinational companies recognized the opportunity for globalization years ago and had the management and financial resources to capture that opportunity. It is our strong belief that leaders of mid-sized businesses have these same opportunities, but many lack the resources to execute the right strategy. By Blue Point helping to identify these opportunities and providing the capital and expertise needed to execute cross-border strategies, we can invest in and accelerate the growth of mid-sized businesses.

Learn more about the value we've delivered via our Asia capabalities here.

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Blue Point Data & Digital

Leveraging Data, Not Simply Debt

This effort grew organically as we continually saw middle market companies with significant opportunities to better utilize data and technology to manage and modernize the business. Similar to when we established our Shanghai office in 2004, these capabilities can have a dramatic impact, but the execution can be complex and a significant burden on management. We help reduce that burden.

Illustrative areas of focus include e-commerce, data analytics, digital marketing, inventory and pricing optimization, ERP, CRM and cybersecurity.

M&A Execution

Building Industry Leaders

Throughout our history, we’ve been active in assisting management teams with acquisition strategies. More than half of our portfolio companies have or had active M&A programs.  Geographic expansion, customer diversification, product extensions and management team additions are just some of the ways add-on acquisitions have benefited our portfolio companies.

We often support or lead the work associated with target identification, due diligence, capital arrangement and documentation, allowing the management teams to leverage our expertise to expedite the timing, while minimizing disruption to the core business.

Operating Executive Group

Seasoned Insights and Support

Blue Point’s Operating Executive Group (OEG) works closely with our portfolio businesses, acting as mentors to management teams by providing advice and assistance through various business cycles and challenges. The members of our OEG average 20 years of operating, management and functional experience across a wide variety of industries within small and large companies. 

Members of Blue Point’s OEG are involved with each company in various capacities from initial screening through exit — consulting with management teams to add value through a systematic approach to growth initiatives, operational improvements and add-on acquisitions. Our operating executives aren’t just big company folks — they’re people with great skill sets as well as the experience and understanding to be effective in the lower middle-market.